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2015 Summer Potluck and B.B. Q. Picnic 夏天自助野餐會

Chinese Women Association of Cleveland


2015 Summer Potluck and B.B. Q. Picnic



Date:  Sunday, September 6, 2015

Time:  Noon to 5pm

Place:  Lakewood Park, The Kiwanis Open Pavilion-East Dark Blue Section tables  湖木公園

Phone:  216-529-6800

Address:  14532 Lake Avenue, Lakewood, OH 44107

Potluck- Free admission



  • 請自備一道菜來分享, 水及杯盤刀叉紙巾婦女會提供, 公園有烤肉爐, 您如要烤肉請帶自備肉及烤肉所需用品Potluck-bring a dish to share. Women Association will have plates, utensils and napkins. Please bring your meats and grill supplies to the park if you would like to grill on your own.

  • 公園有網球場沙灘排球及兒童遊樂廣場 Tennis Court, Sand Volleyball and Playground.

  • 利用連誼聚會來認識朋友Take this opportunity to make friends.

  • 請扶老攜幼全家一起來參加野餐Bring your entire family to the picnic.

祝大家夏天快樂! Wish you have a Happy Summer!

Questions and Direction, please call Amy Lee at 216-965-0669.

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